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Let your inner beauty shine.

They say you’re only as old as your feel, but sometimes when we look in the mirror, what we see and what we feel are two different things. Our face convey by far the most information about our feelings, and naturally we want our face to project the age we feel. Today, we’ve come a long way when it comes to turning back the hands of time, and we can now replace what Father Time has taken with non surgical methods. However, sometimes all the maintenance and follow up treatments can make life more complicated instead of more enjoyable. That’s where the new treatment Radiesse comes in. Radiesse is the next generation in wrinkle fillers, and it’s unlike any other treatment out there. Even if you’ve tried other fillers before, you’ve never seen anything like Radiesse.

Radiesse is a pure, synthetic compound that is not derived from animal sources. That means it’s 100% biodegradable and bio compatible. The chemical formula is very close to human bone, so there’s no risk of the allergic reactions that can happen with other formulas. To date, there have been no reports of any serious reactions while using Radiesse, and minor side effects were limited to light bruising or redness immediately after treatment.

woman before radiesse treatment

Woman before radiesse treatment.


Woman after Radiesse treatment.

Woman after Radiesse treatment.

Radiesse is made up tiny microspheres that are injected under the skin. As time goes on, the body naturally forms a tissue matrix around the microspheres, giving a completely natural look and feel. Sensation and touch are not effected by Radiesse injections, and the microspheres even trigger the body to produce more collagen. As the Radiesse breaks down, the collagen and tissue fills the space, which means significantly longer lasting results (up to 2 years!). Optimal results are usually achieved in one or two treatments, so you can forget about all that maintenance.

Results can be seen immediately after the first injection, and your look will continue to improve in the days and weeks following treatment. You may not be able to change your age, but with Radiesse, no one has to know it! And there’s never been a better time to do it; Rejuvalife is offering Radiesse for $450 per syringe through the rest of September (that’s nearly 50% off). For more information about facial rejuvenation, body reshaping or breast enhancement in Los Angeles, call the professionals at Rejuvalife today.

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