Get Cellulaze for Summertime!

cellulaze-summertimeWith swimsuit season approaching, many of us are kicking up our exercise routines to slim down. However, even with hours in the gym each week under our belts, we may still be battling stubborn cellulite. Cellulaze is the newest non-invasive treatment for reducing stubborn cellulite that involves minimal downtime. It will produce results after a few months and will continue to improve over a period of several months.

How Does Cellulaze Work?

A Cellulaze treatment takes about 2-3 hours and is performed in four simple steps:

  1. Berger will apply a topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort.
  2. Tiny incisions (about the size of the tip of a pen) will be made to the treatment area.
  3. Once incisions are made, a small cannula containing a laser fiber will be inserted into the incision sites.
  4. The laser containing cannula will level out the “bumps” by releasing the bands that pull down on the skin which creates dimples.

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

Immediately After

Right after treatment, the skin will be slightly tender and possibly swollen but these side effects should subside within a few days. You should be able to resume physical activity quickly.

One-Three Months Post-Treatment

Since collagen production is stimulated by the treatment, you will begin to notice the skin tightening and smoothing benefits after one month but full results will appear closer to three months.

Going Forward

One of the best things about Cellulaze is that there is no need for multiple treatments because the results are long-lasting with results becoming more pronounced over a period of time. Since only one treatment is needed, this saves patient’s both time and money.

Want to Learn More?

If you are Interested in learning more about what Cellulaze could do for you, please contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute using the form at the right side of the page or call 310.856.9173 today to schedule your cosmetic treatment consultation. Dr. Andre Berger serves patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California.


With over 25 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Berger has geared his practice towards the soothing and therapeutic side of cosmetic medicine. By specializing in anti-aging treatment along with cosmetic enhancement, his goal is to help each patient live a long, healthy, and beautiful life. Call us, or complete the form on this page.


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