Dr.B’s Blog Talk Radio Segment on Testosterone

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Did you know testosterone is the most important male hormone, contributing to muscle mass, libido, energy, and more. The male body makes most testosterone in the testes, with peak production during adolescence and early adulthood. When men reach their 40s, testosterone levels begin to drop. This decrease continues, so that as a man ages his body gradually produces less and less of the hormone naturally, resulting in a testosterone deficiency. A lower level of testosterone in older men is sometimes called andropause, often thought of as the male version of menopause which is experienced by women.

Studies show that men who have testosterone deficiencies, with very low levels of testosterone can have less muscle mass and more body fat, and suffer from sexual dysfunction, among other hormone deficiency symptoms. Low testosterone levels can affect hair growth, and cause negative attitudes about life, a loss of focus and drive, depression, and even cognitive impairments.

Join Dr. Berger as he discusses Testosterone Replacement Therapy, as it may help alleviate these symptoms and even prevent disease.

By restoring testosterone to youthful levels, you may notice increased libido and erectile function, improved mood and memory, amplified muscle mass, and an overall better quality of life.

THE FLOOR IS YOURS.  Dr. Berger will be accepting calls from 5:00pm – 5:25pm PST, so please feel free to call in with your most concerning question regarding testosterone.  We  look forward to hearing from you!

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