Breast Augmentation without the Implants?

I’ve written about surgical fat transfer before. As in many cosmetic procedures, surgical fat transfer originated from a reconstructive procedure—primarily in breast reconstruction for mastectomy patients. It only makes sense that fat is a perfect filler. There’s absolutely no chance of an allergic reaction, as it comes from your own body. Plus, since it’s injected, there are no incisions.

Yet, already other doctors have voiced concerns about the long-term safety of the procedure, claiming that it may increase the risk of breast cancer and that the implanted tissue could harden, causing deformity and possibly masking tumors.

There is no evidence of any increase in breast cancer or that the implanted tissue will harden. We can increase a woman’s breasts up to 2 cup sizes when the breasts are properly prepared.

In a platelet rich plasma-infused fat transfer using Selphyl, a small amount of the patient’s blood is spun in a centrifuge to separate out the protein-rich plasma which contains concentrated growth factors. This is then mixed with the fat and placed into the breasts like a supercharged fertilizer. This is an excellent way to insure that the transplanted fat will “take” and will last an extremely long time, perhaps indefinitely.


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