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Are Results from Abdominal Liposuction Permanent?

Posted September 01, 2015 in Anti-Aging Medicine, Skin Care

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your stomach? Call Los Angeles liposuction surgeon Dr. Andre Berger at 310-276-4494 to learn about our comprehensive services The abdominal area holds some of the most stubborn fat on the human body. In both males and females, the stomach, waist, and lower back often accumulate fat deposits that refuse to respond to even the most rigorous of exercise routines, which can prove very frustrating when trying to sculpt the body. With the help of abdominal liposuction, these deposits of fat can be safely and completely removed, helping create ideal definition and set the tone for a healthier and more attractive physique.

Are you unhappy with your abdominal area? Call Beverly Hills liposuction surgeon Dr. Andre Berger at 310-276-4494 to schedule a confidential, one-on-one consultation today.

Once fat has been removed from the abdominal area it cannot come back. This does not mean that new deposits cannot form, but with proper care, this shouldn’t be an issue. You can make your liposuction results more or less permanent by:

  • Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet
  • Engaging in at least three hours of moderate exercise every week
  • Staying active throughout the day
  • Learning healthy ways to deal with stress and anxiety

We offer a number of lifestyle and wellness options at our Beverly Hills office, including exercise, nutrition, and stress management services. During your initial consultation Dr. Berger will happily discuss these options with you to make sure you are provided the tools necessary to not simply reach your body contouring goals, but to maintain them for a lifetime.

To schedule your liposuction consultation with Dr. Berger, please contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute today. We welcome patients from all Southern California communities including Los Angeles and Hollywood at our convenient Beverly Hills location.