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I had no idea how lucky I was when I bought a groupon for 3 laser sessions here. The office is nice and everyone is very professional. The two different RNs that handled my appointment were amazingly kind and patient. I love my results so far and can’t wait to come back for more treatments. This is a clean, professional, and effective medical spa that I could not recommend more.

Natasha S

Much better than I expected. I’ve never done so many lab tests in my life but it was worth it!!! Dr Berger is really careful, helpful and open. All the staff is great and supportive. I was looking for a place to help me improve my body, my health and my life and I’m sure I found it. I completely trust Rejuvalife because they are all worried about making me feel my best. I’m grateful I found them and I’m sure a lifetime patient.

Raquel R

Dr. Berger is a true artist. The bags under my eyes were really bothering me, and aging my appearance. I had fillers in the area before, done by a different doctor but the results with Dr Berger were amazing. He looks at your face entirely and not only at the problematic spot. he seeks the perfect balance for the entire face. I more than recommend Dr Berger. I feel at least 10 years younger.

Patient Name
Daniela L

Testimonial 184

Dear Dr. Berger, I’m writing to thank you and your staff for the wonderful treatment and care I’ve received while being a patient in your office.First, I have to write a testimonial to discuss everything I went through when seeing you throughout the year. When I first came to see you, I was in terrible condition. I was 55 lbs overweight, felt constantly tired and fatigued, couldn’t sleep well, could not lose weight no matter how hard I trained and just felt lousy all around. When I first came to your office, you and your staff explained everything (which will be provided in great detail later in this letter). Meeting you was a Godsend because your care is ALL ENCOMPASSING meaning you look at the patient’s complete health—from physical health to mental health and do a complete set of diagnostic exams (through blood tests, adrenal tests, questionnaires designed to determine brain chemistry and a test which measures body fat percentage, muscle mass and metabolism). You also provided an EKG of the heart, something you have to ask for if you see your Primary care doctor and isn’t provided without asking or if there is a concern for your heart. Without this knowledge upfront we could not design a game plan to improve my health, which I found very impressive. After reviewing all the exams, you provided a detailed and thorough explanation of what medications, supplementation and exercise program specifically detailed to my needs. You also helped me with my insomnia by sending me to a sleep study center which was able to see if I had sleep apnea. When I found out the results of the blood tests, we learned I was temporarily diabetic, which resolved itself on its own with proper diet, exercise and supplementation. Throughout the year, you measured my weight progress and blood tests to provide optimal health. I stuck with the diet and exercise routine and after just a 4 months I lost over 43 lbs. By measuring my testosterone level you provided a dose which improved my energy levels, my libido, my endurance and mood. You also provided medication which the other care doctors didn’t even mention when they wrote the RX for the testosterone—HCG and Clomid to offset testicular atrophy. How could a PCP neglect this important aspect of Testosterone replacement therapy? During the treatment, I was trained in proper injections with the help of your very knowledgeable nurses and explained in great detail the procedures. Whenever there were any problems I was able to see you or call you without much delay or waiting. You provided support when I was really desperate. It has now been over 2 years since I received treatment from your office and with the knowledge and experience gained from working with you to gain optimal health, I am healthy, in shape, eat healthy, and know what to do to stay this way. Your treatment is for overall health measuring many components for optimal health. In today’s world, when you see a doctor, he will give a quick diagnosis and then send you to specialist after specialist and it is difficult to get a handle on what the problems are since you are seeing so many doctors. In many cases, I found myself more confused and frustrated than ever and each doctor having their own opinion. For patients who want one doctor to oversee everything and help you in ways you never knew existed, I highly recommend Dr. Berger and Rejuvalife. Sincerely,

Patient Name
Brian B.

Testimonial 182

Outstanding service! Highly recommend without hesitation. Dr Berger is very experienced, knowledgable and informative. He took the time to explain treatment options, clarified expectations and outcomes. I am very impressed with him and his team.

Testimonial 181

Best Injectable Doc Ever!!! BEST INJECTABLE DOC EVER!!! I work in the biz so I get lots of offers for Botox & fillers. Out of 6 different injectors, Dr. Berger is THE BEST ONE I’ve ever experienced. Not only looked the best but lasted the longest. I assume that’s why I saw a famous actress when I was in their office (If I write her name she might stop going there, so there ya are).

Patient Name
Anne C

Testimonial 180

It was fantastic, the doctor was so kind, friendly and suggested a better way to get what I want.

Testimonial 179

Visits are always quick and easy. The staff is friendly and energized.

Patient Name

Testimonial 178

I truly thank you for helping me regain my youthful body and spirit again.Dear Dr. Berger:I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for the invaluable service that you have provided to me in the last three years, and the incredible change your knowledge and experience has made in my life.I came to you late in 2007, because I was experiencing health problems that I had not ever experienced before in my life. I in the few months immediately preceding my visit, I had started to experience a great imbalance and disturbance in my physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. In additions to a feeling of unrelenting anxiety, depression, inability to focus, and total lack of energy, I was experiencing physical symptoms that I had never suffered from in my life. I had altogether lost my appetite, my digestion was running amuck, and my sexual desire and function had suddenly taken a downturn. I was on a constant emotional roller coaster ride. It had become impossible to function at optimal level at work, to enjoy social activities, and to maintain my emotional connection to the people I loved. My situation could best be described as a nightmare. When you first met with me, you discussed the possibility that my problems may be related to andropause—a condition caused by a decline in the level of androgenic hormones in males because of age. My initial blood tests confirmed that my androgenic hormones had slid down to marginal levels, and my stress hormones had spun out of control. Follow-up testing confirmed your suspicions of andropause. As a solution, you recommended a program of Hormone replacement therapy, complimented by a regimen of supplementation, diet and exercise program, and basic lifestyle changes. What happened in the months following my initial treatment was nothing short of magical. Gradually, I began to feel as if I was being “filled” from inside. By and by, I started to feel happier, stronger, healthier, and more vibrant. My sexual function was restored and to this day continues to improve, reaching and exceeding the levels I was accustomed to in my youth. Because of my newly gained energy and vitality, I have been able to resolve some of my life-long lingering emotional issues, and I now live a much happier, more satisfying life—certainly more than I ever did in my youth. I have been healthy, strong, and active all my life. I wasn’t ready at the age of 49 to settle down into a life of depression, sickness, and anxiety. I truly thank you for helping me regain my youthful body and spirit again. I am now a wise and mature 53-year old in the body of a 23-year old athlete. It is truly a dream come true.

Thank you Dr. Berger.

Patient Name
Tim, Beverly Hills

Testimonial 177

As good as it gets. Highly recommend!Dr Berger is a great doctor. He and his office staff are as good as it gets. I have had excellent care for over 5 years with him. He is up to date on all the current care for women and men. I highly recommend Dr. Berger.

Patient Name
Raquel, Studio City

Testimonial 176

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