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Why Choosing the Right Cosmetic Provider Makes a Difference


Your choice of cosmetic provider will play a direct role in your comfort, safety, and satisfaction. Choosing hastily or making a decision based purely on low prices and big promises can result in serious physical and emotional damages.

We believe the best way to avoid these issues and long-term regrets is to invest the time up front to choose a provider who is experienced and qualified to perform complex aesthetic procedures and treatments.  All cosmetic providers are not the same.

Beverly Hills aesthetic physician and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Andre Berger has decades of experience helping men and women reach their goals through targeted anti-aging and cosmetic therapies and procedures. Dr. Berger is dedicated to treating the whole person, and takes extraordinary time to educate our patients on the benefits and limitations of various cosmetic treatments, and on what combinations will best support individual goals.

Remember, unlike purchasing a product, not every cosmetic procedure and treatment will serve the same function for every patient. This makes choosing a cosmetic provider like Dr. Berger, who is personally invested in every aspect of your treatment, important for your overall satisfaction.

Risks and Benefits

There are a lot of big promises made about different cosmetic treatments. Some of these are fairly accurate and give a good overview of a treatment’s potential. However, even in these instances, it is important to remember that 1) there is a difference in who provides the treatments and the results they deliver and 2) every patient is different and some people will be at increased risks for complications even with procedures that are generally considered safe.

Dr. Berger fully covers the potential benefits and associated risks of every procedure during consultations. He also takes time to make sure our patients understand their complete range of options, alternatives, and alterations that may be available for achieving good results. Dedicated to achieving the highest standards of patient care, Dr. Berger serves as President of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Foundation for Patient Safety and Education.

To further protect our patients, all of our cosmetic surgery procedures are performed in our AAHC fully accredited surgery center, allowing us to ensure your comfort and protect your safety at all times while you are in our care.  At Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, it is simply one component of our larger commitment to everyone who passes through our doors.

Personalized for Your Needs

Dr. Berger takes a holistic approach to cosmetic treatments, enabling him to address both the outward and underlying issues creating dissatisfaction. By offering a variety of cosmetic, anti-aging and wellness options, he is able to focus on the specific needs of the individual, allowing him to produce the most reliable and pleasing outcomes. Highly reviewed by patients and considered a leader in his field, Dr. Berger invests in your happiness and to help you reach all of your health and beauty goals.

If you are looking for a cosmetic provider in the Los Angeles area, please contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute today. Consultations can also be made by calling our Beverly Hills office at 310.695.1051.

Written by Dr. Andre Berger