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What’s The Difference Between Traditional Liposuction and SmartLipo?

Posted May 24, 2019 in Body Contouring, Liposuction, Uncategorized

Smartlipo is a technique of liposuction using a laser that melts fat and offers skin tightening. A Smartlipo laser is a tool that a surgeon can use during liposuction. It can be used with local tumescent anesthesia rather than general anesthesia or IV sedation which can cause more risks. As with other forms of liposuction, the fat must be aspirated following the use of the laser in order to be removed. Smartlipo uses smaller instruments, no cutting, no stitches, and a shorter recovery.

What is Vaser Lipo?

Vaser lipo is liposuction done using a Vaser ultrasonic instrument. The Vaser uses sound waves to loosen the fat tissue which is then easily removed. It is useful for creating smooth contours and provides significant additional skin tightening. It is often used in High Definition Lipo or HD Lipo.

How Much is Liposuction?

Liposuction can cost anywhere from $2,995 – $10,000 depending on what areas are being treated. If the Lipo that’s taken out is to be transferred to another part of the body or face which is referred to as Fat Grafting or Fat Transfer then this will also adjust the cost.

Does the Fat Come Back?

Once fat cells are removed with liposuction their removal is permanent. It is recommended not to gain weight which could lead to surrounding areas becoming fuller of fat leading to potential contour irregularities.

What is the recovery like?

Typically, when done without general anesthesia or IV sedation, there is no significant recovery period. The patient will walk in and walk out. There is a tight compression garment to be worn around the clock for 3 days and then graduate to a light compression garment to be worn under clothing for approximately 4-6 weeks. Many patients are back at work in 3-4 days and back at the gym in about a week.

Can Fat be Used for Another Part of the Body?

Fat can be transferred to other areas where there is a decrease in the volume of fat tissues, such as the face, the hands, breasts, buttocks which are the most common areas.

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