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The Benefits of Multi-Treatment Facial Rejuvenation


A single facial rejuvenation treatment can often produce pleasing results, but no single treatment can address the full range of issues that cause a more aged and unbecoming appearance. The biggest benefit offered by combining non-surgical facial treatments is the ability to correct multiple imperfections throughout the entire face to naturally and subliminally optimize your attractiveness.

Depending on the different types of facial imperfections caused by aging, many patients require more than one type of aesthetic treatment to achieve the results they desire.  The variety of different treatment options has greatly expanded the opportunity to reverse these signs of facial aging.

By addressing each of these issues with the most appropriate treatment option, Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Andre Berger can produce a balanced look that is noticeably more naturally youthful and attractive in every aspect.

Common Cosmetic Combinations

Depending on your unique needs, Dr. Berger may suggest any number of combinations for optimal facial rejuvenation. Some of these, such as the Vampire Facelift™, combine PRP and injectable fillers to produce both immediate and long-lasting results. Others may include lifestyle and wellness treatments, anti-aging medicine, and additional non-cosmetic treatments that work to enhance and support results by addressing physical and emotional factors that can otherwise interfere with optimal outcomes.

The best way to learn which treatments are most suitable for your needs is through a one-on-one consultation with Beverly Hills aesthetic physician and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Andre Berger.

Why Your Consultation is so Important

Since there are an increasing variety and combination of treatment options available, it is important to invest the time to examine what is best for your specific needs.  For this reason, we encourage you to discover why our consultations are different, and how to find out what treatment or combination of treatments is right for you.

We are Committed to Your Happiness

Dr. Berger invests significant time with each patient to better understand the full needs of the individual. This allows him to customize each treatment for the most pleasing and lasting results.

Dr. Berger’s care for the individual patient extends to honest and open information about the benefits, limitations, and potential risks of each procedure. This helps ensure treatments are considered thoughtfully and undergone with a fuller understanding of what they can and cannot provide on their own.

It is important to remember that outcomes and results vary from patient to patient. During your initial consultation Dr. Berger will take time to fully understand your needs and to carefully explain all of your options, empowering you to choose the multi-treatment facial rejuvenation solutions that can help you reach your goals.

To schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Berger, please contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute online or by calling 310-276-4494 today. Located in Beverly Hills, we welcome patients from Los Angeles and all surrounding areas of California.