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Testosterone Therapy FAQs


Low levels of testosterone in a man can cause many negative side effects, including decreased sex drive, a lack of motivation and energy, weight gain, hair loss, and more. Testosterone therapy to treat Low T can help to restore a man’s hormone levels for overall vitality and wellness. Read on to learn more about testosterone therapy through these FAQs.

What causes low testosterone?

Through the natural process of aging, men experience a loss of testosterone. As testosterone levels decrease, it can lead to an array of symptoms.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

Low testosterone is linked to many symptoms, which can vary in severity. These include low libido, erectile dysfunction, brain fog, fatigue, hair loss, decreased muscle mass, depression, and more. These symptoms can cause a man’s quality of life to decline significantly.

What is a normal level of testosterone in a man?

A man will normally have total testosterone levels that range from 300-900 nano-grams per deciliter. However, there is also a measure known as free testosterone, which encompasses the number of hormones that are active in the body at any given time. In some cases, a man may have normal total testosterone levels but suffer from Low T symptoms if his free testosterone levels are low.

How is testosterone therapy done?

Testosterone therapy can be done using an array of methods. These options include a skin patch, which is applied to the skin once a day, gels, which are absorbed through the skin, a mouth patch, which is applied to the upper gums in which testosterone is released into the blood, or injections and implants. Dr. Berger will work with you to determine which form of treatment best fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

What is the difference between testosterone therapy and performance-enhancing steroids?

While some athletes may use anabolic steroids which contain testosterone, these steroids often contain very high doses and are mixed with other substances. Testosterone therapy only contains natural levels of hormones, making it a safe and effective treatment for Low T.

What are the benefits of testosterone therapy?

Undergoing Low T Therapy can positively impact many aspects of a man’s life. Because low T can cause an array of health issues such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, osteoporosis, and more, testosterone is a major player in a healthy body. Healthy levels of testosterone are also linked to a longer life expectancy in men.

What are the risks of testosterone therapy?

As with any form of medical treatment, testosterone therapy has risks involved. Although rare, testosterone therapy can raise the risk of blood clots and stroke. It may also contribute to acne, sleep apnea, breast enlargement, benign prostatic hypertrophy, and prostate cancer. However, most of these side-effects can often be addressed with the discontinuation of treatment.

How Rejuvalife Vitality Institute Can Help

At Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, we understand that Low T is not something that can go ignored. Dr. Andre Berger provides state-of-the-art diagnostic testing for determining if there are any underlying causes for your low testosterone levels. Then, an individualized treatment plan can be made for you to treat and prevent and symptoms of Low T, which may include hormone replacement therapy, pellet therapy, or lifestyle changes. His individualized approach ensures you will get the best care possible.

As a diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Berger is renowned for his fantastic results. As a leader in anti-aging, wellness, and non-surgical cosmetic medicine, he possesses a unique combination of skills and is truly a specialist in his field. With an artistic eye, keen sense of aesthetics and his knowledge of science, Dr. Berger offers transformative results that will not only help you look great but also help you feel your absolute best.

To schedule your Low T treatment consultation, contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute at our Los Angeles area office at 310.856.9173.

Written by Dr. Andre Berger