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Testimonial 142

Posted December 09, 2014 in Uncategorized

My Before & After Health Indicators Were Dramataic & Measurable

I was very frustrated at how the television show portrayed the age management program and Dr. Berger’s efforts to provide quality health care to his patients. You people do wonderful, the program is monitored effectively and responsibly. I have had wonderful results with no unwanted or unhealthy side effects.

When I was researching HRT, I came across many bogus operators (mostly in Florida) that wanted to do everything through questionnaires in the mail rather than actually meeting with the patient. They were even aggressive about signing me up when I wasn’t interested. These are the ‘doctors’ that hurt people, the integrity of the program, etc.

I want you to know that I feel my before and after health indicators were dramatic and measurable, my attitude and performance are night and day and if you ever want to use me, my story, or even my medical records for any reason, I am on board.

The Morning Show program was shameful in how they half presented the story, inaccurate and irrelevant to what you at Rejuvalife do, and then did not give adequate time for Dr. Berger to inform people, rather they gave the others time to inflame people. The whole program could have been a service to the public to beware of the scammers out there and Dr. Berger could have informed the public what an honest program does and things to tip you off to a dishonest operator.

The service you provide has changed my life and it was infuriating and sad to see the show not inform others to the possibilities that are out there for them. Keep up the good work. If there is anything I can do in the future, I would be glad to.

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Steve M
Testimonial 142