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Smartlipo For your Face


SmartLipo offers the unique benefits of melting fat & tightening skin in one quick visit. It’s ideal for that “under the chin fat” & to tighten the neck, jowls & jawline.

REJUVALIFE…Always One of the First in Beverly Hills & Southern California to offer the Newest, Most Cutting Edge Options…

SmartLipo laser sculpting…for your face

More and more men and women are choosing to look better so they can feel better about themselves and successfully compete in today’s competitive career arena. Body contouring has been very popular and now with the precision, calibrated SmartLipo laser, facial contouring is one of our most frequently chosen procedures. Dr. Berger can easily and precisely remove fat and sculpt facial areas such as under the chin, while the lasers thermal heat simultaneously promotes skin tightening with less bruising, swelling and downtime. SmartLipo works in small, defined areas not suitable for liposuction, and it is minimally invasive.

Precision = faster results…fewer side effects

SmartLipo is different from other body sculpting techniques because it uses a precise, powerful laser light beam to permanently melt fat and tighten skin without the need for general anesthesia or IV sedation and their associated risks. There are no unsightly scars, less bruising, less swelling and little downtime. Results are natural yet dramatic.

Benefits of SmartLipo

  • Revolutionary, minimally invasive method of facial fat removal
  • Performed alone or in tandem with other facial sculpting options
  • Results are seen with only 1 treatment
  • Only local anesthesia is required – NO general anesthesia!
  • Little or no pain, swelling & bruising…quicker recovery time
  • Performed in the comfort of our world-class office setting
  • Minimally invasive & non-surgical – with excellent results!
  • SmartLipo is one of today’s most popular “lunch hour treatments”

Facial sculpting without surgery

At Rejuvalife Vitality Institute of Beverly Hills, California, we offer comprehensive treatments for facial and body sculpting combined with the most advanced technologies, a caring team approach, and experts who are thoroughly trained and dedicated to providing you with the greatest possible outcome. We provide multiple safe and effective, minimally invasive options for removing fat, tightening the skin and sculpting the face and/or body, including SmartLipo, BodyJet and liposculpture.

Leader, pioneer of excellence, esteemed teacher

Dr. Berger has been a pioneer in SmartLipo and laser lipolysis techniques. He has developed advanced liposuction techniques that are safer and more effective than traditional liposuction and cause less downtime, minimal discomfort and bruising but with improved results. SmartLipo’s refined technique and precision instruments enable Dr. Berger to create healthy, natural looking, beautifully contoured bodies and faces. During his career, he has performed many hundreds of successful laser body sculpting procedures.

Recovery process

Dr. Berger’s advanced techniques combined with his well honed skills, mastery and expertise, for every single procedure and treatment he offers, ensures all of our patients the best possible results with less pain, bruising, and downtime. Your recovery will be quicker, easier and involve less discomfort than ever before. All of our patients walk-in for treatment & walk-out after treatment. Most clients return to work the next day!

Please contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute using the form at the right side of the page or call 310-276-4494 today to schedule your free SmartLipo consultation. Dr. Andre Berger serves patients in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California.