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Rejuvalife Vitality Institute West Hollywood, California


Plastic surgery in West Hollywood

Dr. Andre Berger is the founder of Rejuvalife Vitality Institute and offers cosmetic as well as anti-aging procedures in West Hollywood. Dr. Berger and his staff expertly combine western medical technologies with an eastern holistic philosophy to help you achieve beautiful results on the outside and wellness on the inside. They are committed to combining the best of remedies and therapies to give you beautiful results with or without surgical intervention.

The Rejuvalife vitality institute has imbibed the therapeutic and soothing side of cosmetic treatments over the last 25 years. Patients in West Hollywood can expect anti-aging procedures in addition to the cosmetic enhancement at the center. You can count on the extensive experience of Dr. Berger and his expert staff to offer you a holistic treatment plan that allows you to live a long and healthy life.

Body sculpting services

Almost everybody has a cosmetic goal today as age, genetics or lifestyle catches up and you find stubborn fat deposits or sagging skin and cellulite in various body areas. With his decades of experience, Dr. Berger offers the most advanced non surgical body sculpting procedures. If you are in West Hollywood and want to enjoy a trimmer physique as well, it is best to contact Dr. Berger personally. The services offered at his West Hollywood center include:

Facial rejuvenation services

Before you even introduce yourself to somebody new, your facial complexion and health makes a significant impact. It is always helpful to have a vibrant and attractive face that gives you a boost of self confidence not just in personal but professional interactions as well. If you have been feeling that over time your face has lost its youthful appearance or see signs of aging that bother you, it is time to seek cosmetic help. Dr. Berger and his staff will help determine the best suited and most innovative non surgical cosmetic facial rejuvenation procedure to help you meet your goals. The facial rejuvenation procedures offered in West Hollywood include:

Injectables and fillers in West Hollywood

There are several signs of aging like loss of volume, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, folds and creases that makes one lose self confidence. Rejuvalife vitality institute offers injectables like facial fillers that enhance volume and neurotoxins that balance muscle activity. When you meet Dr. Berger and his staff, it helps them understand your concerns and evaluate your skin so that a combination of fillers can be chosen to sculpt and lift your face. If you are looking for a natural and youthful appearance in West Hollywood, here are the services offered:

Medical spa services

When you are looking for facial rejuvenation, there are many laser treatments offered as well. For patients in West Hollywood, Dr. Berger offers laser treatments that make you feel and look your best. These treatments make use of thermal light energy for softening and eliminating wrinkles, skin tightening, treatment of spider veins or removal of unwanted hair. Whatever your cosmetic goals may be, you can choose these minimally invasive techniques to get excellent results. The medical spa services offered in West Hollywood include:

Cosmetic surgery procedures

In addition to the wide range of non surgical and minimally invasive procedures for body sculpting, anti-aging and facial rejuvenation; Rejuvalife also offers cosmetic surgery procedures to its patients in West Hollywood. If you suffer from moderate to severe body issues which will not benefit much from a non-invasive procedure, you can turn to a surgical procedure. Dr. Berger and his staff will guide you to the best procedure for achieving your goals from the below:

Anti-aging medicine

At the Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, the focus is on a holistic approach to your wellness. Dr. Berger and his expert staff strive to improve your current health and prevent any age-related diseases so that you gain more fulfillment out of life. Patients in West Hollywood who wish to ‘slow down’ their aging must visit the center to get a customized treatment plan. Here are some of the procedures that are offered:

About West Hollywood

West Hollywood in California is known for its trendy nightlife. The famous Sunset Strip offers comedy clubs, live music venues and the Chateau Marmont, a swanky celebrity hideaway. The Santa Monica Boulevard with its rainbow flags is home to numerous shops, dance clubs and gay bars. You will also find the best of the restaurants in West Hollywood.

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