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Case #33

Posted February 06, 2018 in

This woman wanted to increase and fill the divets of her buttocks, improving the overall appearance. She chose a non-surgical buttock augmentation in Beverly Hills called the Sculptra Butt Lift for these dramatic results with just 10 vials of Sculptra!

Case #370525

Posted September 15, 2017 in

This male individual was unhappy with his protruding abdomen and desired a slimmer, flatter abdominal area. Dr. Andre Berger uses Advanced Liposuction in Los Angeles to contour and removes unwanted fat for this desired result.

Case #371933

Posted November 06, 2017 in

In this particular case, the patient requested a fat transfer from her abdomen and lower flanks to her buttocks and face. The ending shape of this patient is more of an hourglass, performed with minimally invasive liposuction in Beverly Hills, and fat grafting (facial fat transfer and the Brazilian Butt Lift).

Case #371673

Posted May 01, 2017 in

This gentleman wanted more definition to his muscles, so he requested the state-of-the-art Hi-Definition Liposuction procedure by Dr. Berger. Post-op photos were taken one week after the procedure.

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