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Dr. Andre Berger performs minimally invasive laser surgery using the latest in laser technology including Cynosures PrecisionTx™ laser to effectively improve the appearance of the lower face, chin, jawline, and neck. This revolutionary laser technology is the latest of its kind to provide physicians and patients with safe, customizable results comparable to those of a traditional facelift but at a fraction of the cost. This state-of-the-art treatment, coupled with Dr. Berger’s expertise in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, continues to deliver unparalleled results!

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Who Can Benefit?

Dr. Berger uses the PrecisionTx™ laser to resolve the most common complaints of the lower face, chin, and neck.


Bulldog face

The effects of time and gravity often cause facial fat and skin from the cheeks to fall below the jawline. This common imperfection is referred to as “sagging jowls” and also bears the unfortunate nickname of “bulldog face.” Dr. Berger uses the PrecisionTx™ laser to target these areas by tightening the skin and stimulating the production of collagen to improve the appearance of jowls and provide a more defined jawline.

double chin

Double chin

Many people complain about loose skin and fat that give the appearance of a double chin. Even for those who are relatively thin, a double chin can make them look heavier than they are. With heat from the PrecisionTx™ laser, Dr. Berger tightens the surface layers of the skin as well as the tissues beneath it to achieve an overall sculpted and more attractive appearance.


Turkey Neck

A “turkey neck,” or “wattle,” is characterized by excess wrinkled skin that hangs from the chin to the base of the neck. This sagging skin often adds several years to a person’s appearance. Whether the patient needs only slight improvement or moderate correction, Dr. Berger customizes the treatment with the PrecisionTx™ laser to tighten and lift the aged skin on the neck and create a youthful contour.

What Do You Desire?

  • plus To Feel Confident

    Using only a few tiny incisions, Dr. Berger can dramatically improve a person’s appearance with the help of this technology. With a defined jawline, fewer wrinkles, and tighter skin, men and women alike can experience the confidence that comes with looking several years younger.

  • plus To Get Natural-Looking Results

    In the wrong hands, a surgical facelift runs the risk of looking excessively tight or “pulled.” Since the PrecisionTx™ laser does not require extensive incisions or tightening of the facial muscles, results will never look fake or overdone. Dr. Berger is a master in non-surgical cosmetic techniques, and he instructs other physicians and surgeons around the world the non-surgical techniques he has perfected for achieving beautiful, natural-looking results.

  • plus To Improve Skin Texture

    Heat from the PrecisionTx™ laser causes tissue coagulation beneath the skin, which instantly tightens the layers of the dermis and underlying tissues. This process stimulates the body’s natural response to produce collagen, which will continue to occur over the next three to six months. During this time, the patient will be able to see the texture of their skin continuously improve.

  • plus To Reduce Wrinkles, Jowls, and Sagging Skin

    Sagging skin and displaced fat are put in their rightful place with the PrecisionTx™ laser treatment. Dr. Berger strategically places a very small cannula beneath the skin, and laser energy is emitted to tighten the skin and tissues below it to increase the production of collagen. Dr. Berger then monitors and adjusts the laser during treatment as needed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, provide a more beautifully defined jawline, and produce a more youthful-looking contour to the neck.


What Are Your Concerns?

  • plus Recovery

    Most patients can return to normal activities within two days after treatment. For the first 48 hours, the patient must wear a facial compression garment to reduce swelling and aid the healing process. The compression garment is then worn only at night for the following 12 days to further enhance the results. In some cases, a soft neck collar should be worn continuously for about a week or so following the procedure.

  • plus Scars

    Since the PrecisionTx™ laser is a minimally invasive procedure, there are fewer and smaller incisions than traditional surgical facelift and neck lift procedures. Dr. Berger only places three tiny incisions about 2 millimeters in length: one under each earlobe and one beneath the chin. The incisions are so small that they do not even require sutures. In addition to their inconspicuous locations, the resulting scars will be very small and fade significantly over time.

  • plus Cost

    On average, the cost of the PrecisionTx™ laser treatment is about one half the cost of a traditional facelift while delivering 80% of the results. The surgeon fee and total cost of the PrecisionTx™ laser treatment vary based on the area(s) treated as well as the extent of correction needed.

  • plus Pain

    Patients experience minimal to no pain during treatment thanks to a local anesthetic. Most patients only feel slight pressure or a mild warming sensation from the laser. Dr. Berger will ensure you are completely comfortable throughout the procedure.

  • plus Anesthesia

    The PrecisionTx™ laser is an excellent option for those concerned about invasive surgery and the associated general anesthesia. The PrecisionTx™ laser treatment uses only local anesthesia, which means the patient is awake during the entire procedure without feeling any pain.

  • plus Is the PrecisionTx™ laser the best option for me?

    The PrecisionTx™ laser treatment is the perfect solution for those who have mild to moderate fatty tissue and sagging skin in the lower face, jowls, or neck. Those who have severe skin laxity in the face and neck may experience better results with a surgical facelift. A consultation with Dr. Berger will help determine your best treatment option.

  • plus How many PrecisionTx™ laser treatments will I need?

    Only one PrecisionTx™ treatment is needed. Results can be seen immediately and will continue to improve up to six months after treatment.

  • plus How long do the results from the PrecisionTx™ laser last?

    While the PrecisionTx™ laser treatment does not stop the aging process, it provides lasting results due to stimulating the production of new collagen. Patients can prolong their treatment results by protecting their skin from the sun and abstaining from smoking.

  • plus Are there any side effects associated with the PrecisionTx™ laser?

    Patients may experience discharge from the incision sites during the first 24 hours after the procedure. Swelling, bruising, and soreness may also occur, which is typical of most minimally invasive procedures. Serious side effects are not common with this treatment.

Dr Berger


Dr. Andre Berger is a pioneer and master of non-surgical cosmetic treatments and an expert in enhancing the areas of the face and neck. His expertise in this area has been featured by some of the most well-reputed media sources. Dr. Berger is a national injector trainer and teaches physicians and surgeons from around the world on these non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques. For years, his artistic eye for natural-looking beauty, along with his holistic approach to patient care, has set him apart as a surgeon who deeply cares about his patients. From the initial consultation to the final result, Dr. Berger is dedicated to meeting the needs of his patients and achieving the aesthetic results they desire.

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