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Nutrition and Fitness


Integrative medicine is healing oriented, personalized and looks at the whole person…body, mind and spirit as well as all aspects of lifestyle.  At Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, Dr. Andre Berger and our entire staff of health care professionals form a dynamic partnership with you to help you achieve your goals for complete health and wellness.  We personalize a world class health plan that is responsive to your current health needs and is adaptable for your future needs.

Nutrition and Fitness for Total Wellness

Good nutrition and fitness play a critical role in effective anti-aging integrative medicine and total wellness, regardless of age.  In fact, a proper diet and the right exercise go hand in hand to help create and maintain wellness. We work with you in both areas to determine your personal needs and then to customize a program to meet your goals.

Diet & Nutrition

At Rejuvalife we believe that good nutrition increases your ability to stay healthy and feel youthful.  Helping you develop good eating habits is a crucial part of our anti aging program.  Our 2 step program involves:  1) thorough diagnostic testing to determine your body’s deficiencies and excesses.  Tests include metabolic screening, cholesterol measurement, digestive system analysis, hormone tests, nutritional and metabolic profiling, lipid and omega 3 profiling and measures of body fat and lean body mass.  2) We develop a dynamic program, a custom food prescription based on your test results, specific to your needs and goals.

Balanced Nutrition & Total Health

Nutrition is defined as: the taking in and metabolism of food material whereby tissue is built up and energy liberated. (Stedman’s)  A nutrient is a substance needed by the body to maintain life and health.

Eating the right foods provides the fuel your body needs for energy, mental and physical health.  A balanced diet of “fresh living foods” bursting with live enzymes nourishes the cells that are essential to life itself.  A good diet coupled with the right nutritional supplements, balancing protein, carbohydrates and fats can effectively support your health and lifestyle with amazing results.  Our nutrition experts tailor your program to achieve the results you need…be it weight loss, maintaining muscle mass and energy or a solid anti aging nutritional approach.

Fitness, Exercise & Total Wellness

Improving your fitness level is one of the best things you can do for your health.  Whether your prefer Yoga or a boot camp approach to fitness, our team can design a time efficient program to meet your personal needs and fit neatly into your daily schedule.  We show you how to retain your vitality and stamina, with exercise strength programs, and how to counter age related changes in body composition.   The importance of a good exercise program for fitness cannot be stressed enough.  Recent research showed the following:

Benefits of Daily Exercise for Fitness

  • Exercise reduces functional declines associated with aging
  • Helps to reduce excess weight and maintain normal weight
  • Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke by increasing heart strength and reducing blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Regular movement and exercise keeps joints moving
  • Exercise is effective for pain management therapy
  • Exercise reduces stress by releasing brain chemicals, improves mood & memory & increases energy levels (Harvard University Study)
  • Exercise encourages complete physical fitness at any age & stage in life
  • The greatest levels of health & fitness benefits are seen in people who make the right exercise a part of their daily lives

Today’s fast-paced, complex world is increasingly demanding, this in turn demands the right responses from us if we want total health and wellness. So important is proper diet and daily exercise that research/medical universities around the world stress these components. Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Model includes a “wheel of life.”  The focus is on prevention first and intervention second. At the heart of this model are daily movement, exercise, rest and nutrition. At Rejuvalife our anti aging, integrative medicine model stresses these components also. Dr. Berger’s goal for every patient is to achieve: Health that shows, age that doesn’t!

Rejuvalife & Dr. Andre Berger

Dr. Andre Berger is a diplomat of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, a physician and a respected leader and pioneer of excellence.  His holistic approach is recognized around the world for its effectiveness and ability to combat the effects of aging.  His goal is always to “treat the whole person.” He is also an esteemed teacher to physicians who come to him from around the globe to learn his life-changing techniques and procedures and how he blends them with his Holistic approach. He is always one of the first physicians in Beverly Hills & Southern California to bring you the most advanced non-surgical cosmetic and body sculpting procedures. Because he has personally pioneered and expertly performed many of these life-changing treatments, he has thousands of patient’s around the world now enjoying healthier, happier, balanced lives!

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At Rejuvalife You're in Excellent Holistic Hands

We understand that choosing a doctor or facility for any health related concern or anti-aging procedure is a difficult decision. You can rest assured that at Rejuvalife you are in excellent hands. Our staff is competent, committed and caring. Dr. Berger is dedicated to a holistic approach that addresses the whole person as well as to providing his patients with only the safest, most advanced, state-of-the-art non-surgical options. Our individualized programs help you defy aging, define beauty and develop total balance.

Please contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute using the consultation form or call 310.695.1051 today to schedule your nutrition and fitness consultation.