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MINT Thread Lifts in Los Angeles, CA


What is a MINT Thread Lift?

The MINT lift, or minimally invasive nonsurgical thread face lift, is an option for those looking to have some of the benefits of a facelift without the downtime and recovery associated with a surgical facelift. The MINT thread lift involves the use of a special suture thread that holds the tissues of the face in place while they heal in a youthful, lifted position.

The sutures are made of biodegradable material that eventually dissolves and is absorbed by your body. The sutures have small barbs on them that anchor the skin in place, instantaneously lifting cheeks and restoring a youthful definition to the jawline.

What Should I Expect During and After the Procedure?

The procedure will require a local anesthesia unless other methods of anesthesia are suggested in your consultation. The procedure requires no incisions and so you will not be living with any visible scarring. The sutures will be placed and anchored so that your facial tissues are held in a lifted position during the healing process. This results in immediate changes to your appearance with minimal to no downtime. Most people can expect to return to their normal activities directly after the procedure. The full results can be seen in the following months as the tissue heals and the threads dissolve.

How Much Does a MINT Threads Treatment Cost in Beverly Hills, CA?

The average cost of a MINT Threads treatment at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute starts at $1,500. This price will vary by patient depending on the extent of treatment required to help the patient achieve their desired results. Dr. Berger will discuss the details of your treatment including the cost at the time of your one-on-one consultation. For your convenience, we offer multiple financing options to keep your treatments as affordable as possible.

Am I a Candidate for a MINT Thread Lift?

Candidates for a MINT thread lift are those who are looking for a nonsurgical option for a facelift. Ideal candidates maintain a stable weight or have maintained a stable weight for at least three months. Candidates for a MINT thread lift should also be in good health and non-smokers or able to stop smoking for a period of time before and after the procedure.

Are There any Side-Effects?

Side-effects include potential bruising and swelling in the treated area as well as some slight discomfort that can be managed with pain medication if necessary. There are other risks of bleeding and infection, but these can be reduced by taking the proper precautions and steps necessary prior to the procedure as well as after. Some of these precautions include stopping smoking or avoiding taking blood-thinning medications or supplements for a few weeks prior to the procedure. These preparatory actions will be discussed in your consultation with Dr. Berger.

MINT Thread Lift vs Other Thread Lifts

MINT thread lift differs from other thread lifts primarily because of the shape of the barbs on the sutures that hold the tissue of the face in place. The barbs on the MINT threads are a helical shape that are molded instead of cut. The helical barbs are stronger and have a greater ability to anchor the tissues of the face in place, for a longer lasting lift than can be accomplished with some other types of thread lifts.

Other thread lifts such as the silhouette instalift, involve the use of sutures with small cones to hold the facial tissues in place. Most often the sutures of these various lifts are made of the same material and will produce fairly similar results, such as boosted collagen production and a lifted appearance.

How Long do the Results Last?

The results from the MINT thread lift can last up to a year, and since they require no surgery, the results can be easily maintained with repeated treatments.