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New You – Going Fat Free – Liposuction in 360

Posted February 09, 2015 in

Who among us hasn’t stood naked in front of the mirror wondering how and when the “junk” took up residence in the “trunk” and dreaming of a way to unload it? Sure we diet and exercise, but some fat deposits-like the little jelly roll above the waistband of our low-rise jeans-just won’t budge. Tush and tummy troubles like these are examples of when liposuction is just what the doctor ordered-literally. Cosmetic surgeons stress that liposuction is not a replacement for diet and exercise, but that it is an effective way to eliminate stubborn fat pockets that defy calorie control and cardio.

Now that we’re clear on what liposuction isn’t (a magic wand/weight loss miracle) let’s move on to what it is. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that can be used to remove defiant fat deposits from a single body part or-in the hands of the right surgeon-it can be used to sculpt an entire (healthy weight) body into a tighter, more chiseled version of itself. Read more…

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