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Dr. Berger teaches PRP Workshop to Physicians Nationwide

Posted December 09, 2014 in

Dr. Berger will present to 50 physicians nationwide on three topics related to the Vampire Therapy: The Uses of Platelet Rich Plasma in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery, Fat Grafting, including the combining of the science of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and PRP.

Dr. Berger is renowned for his excellence in all things, his pioneering spirit, his development of non- invasive, non-surgical procedures and anti aging techniques… and among his peers he is a “luminary.” Physicians and surgeons, from around the world, travel to Beverly Hills to master his life-changing techniques and procedures while sitting under his tutelage. The makers of world-class technologies call upon Dr. Berger to teach their procedures, techniques and efficient technology usage to other physicians. Dr. Berger has earned and attained a place of eminence… he is a global luminary.