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A4M Anti Aging Academy of Anti Aging Medicine

Posted December 14, 2015 in

Las Vegas hosts the 23rd Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine. Its the “can’t miss” event of the year, offering you the opportunity to join the future of medicine today.

Dr. Berger is known as a pioneer in the industry when it comes to Anti-Aging & Cosmetic Medicine. He is invited to speak and attend the most prestigious conferences around the world; the A4M is no different. The Rejualife team attended the conference to learn about the latest technologies and treatments that are being offered from vendors all over the world. Our team got a chance to demonstrate and learn about new treatments from snake oil treatments, Chinese medicine healing, weight loss, and regenerative medicine.

Anti-Aging Medicine is a personalized treatment model that inspires a partnership between patient and practitioner. The World Congress will offer unique clinical approaches that promote disease prevention and lifestyle management and will provide access to unparalleled content, ground-breaking research, knowledgeable speakers and valuable resources that enable today’s health practitioners to sustain success and growth.