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Male Cosmetic Services in Los Angeles, CA


Male cosmetic services may share procedural steps with those performed on women, but the aesthetic goals are much different. Beverly Hills cosmetic physician Dr. Andre Berger is pleased to offer a number of treatments that can address issues unique to male physiology and produce a look that is both natural and masculine to those areas of the male body most impacted by aging and lifestyle choices.

If you are a man who is considering cosmetic treatment in the Los Angeles or surrounding areas, please contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute to schedule a consultation by calling our Beverly Hills office at 310.695.1051.

Male Facial Rejuvenation

Facial procedures for men are designed to equalize facial proportions, minimize lines and wrinkles, add volume and produce an angular and balanced appearance. Treatments that Dr. Berger may suggest to accomplish this include:

These services can be used alone or in customized combinations to address issues such as brow appearance, nose shape and size, mouth size, and jaw angularity. During your initial consultation Dr. Berger will carefully assess your areas of concern to determine which options will best meet your specific needs.

Male Body Rejuvenation

Body contouring procedures for men are used to enhance muscle exposure and produce a toned and firm appearance. By eliminating excess fat deposits and ensuring normal body to hip ratio, the contouring options offered by Dr. Berger are able to restore ideal body composition for years to come.

Options Dr. Berger may recommend for male body contouring include:

As with facial procedures, these options may be used alone or in specific combinations to help ensure the most pleasing results. Dr. Berger will cover your options in greater detail during your initial consultation.

To schedule your male cosmetic treatment consultation at our Beverly Hill office, please call 310.695.1051 today. All of our surgical procedures are performed in our AAAHC fully accredited Beverly Hills ambulatory surgery center. Dr. Berger is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who helps men living in and around Los Angeles achieve their aesthetic goals through safe and effective facial and body treatments.

Written by Dr. Andre Berger