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Hi Def Vaser Lipo


What is Hi Def Liposculpture with Vaser?

High Definition Vaser Liposuction, also referred to as Hi Def Liposculpture, is an advanced method of contouring and sculpting the body to highlight the natural anatomical features. This creates the visual appearance of a naturally defined cut and toned physique.  Hi Def Lipsculpture is different from traditional liposuction, in that traditional liposuction does not involve the same degree of very detailed anatomical body sculpting. VASER-assisted liposuction removes the fat from the superficial and deep adipose tissue layers in order to sculpt the human body.

Hi Def Vaser Liposculpture involves liposuction using the VASER liposuction technology. VASER uses ultrasonic waves to emulsify the fat that is contained under the skin’s surface. By emulsifying this fat in a very precise way, Dr. Berger is then able to remove the fat and etch the body’s contour to create the shadows and reflections that simulate natural toned and defined anatomy. This procedure can create naturally defined areas of the entire body including the shoulders, arms, torso, pecs, abdomen, buttocks, legs, thighs, and calves, making this a total body defining technique.

Can Hi Def Liposuction be combined with other procedures?

This procedure can be combined with other procedures such as a short scar abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), natural breast augmentation or breast implants, or some facial procedures. Fat can be injected to create or enhance natural volume to the desired areas, such as the buttocks, breasts (natural breast augmentation), pecs, shoulders (deltoids), calves, and face. The procedure can be staged when there are a number of larger areas to be treated.

Am I a good candidate for hi def vaser lipoSUCTION?

Good candidates for High Def Vaser Liposculpture are generally fit patients who wish to eliminate fat deposits in very stubborn or delicate areas of the body that will require substantial precision and definition. Those with a healthy BMI, a small amount of excess skin, are at a stable weight or are close to their ideal weight, and have the ability to take up to several days off for recovery are excellent potential candidates for this procedure.

what to expect during the hi def liposuction procedure

Before this procedure, Dr. Berger will design very detailed and very precise anatomical markings on the treatment area(s). These markings define the etching and where the precise shadowing and sculpting is going to occur in order to replicate the underlying anatomy during surgery. After the patient is marked in this unique way, they are then prepared for the procedure.

This technique is done in steps. First, the VASER is used to emulsify and remove the fat. Then, on an as-needed basis, some of the fat may be transferred to areas that need augmentation during the process. A common body type called Ectomorphs are very, very thin people who have very little body fat. In these cases, some fat may need to be transferred into the overlying abdomen underneath the skin, between the skin and the muscle, in order to replicate perfectly the natural defined appearance of underlying muscles.

This procedure can be done under local anesthesia with some light sedation, or can be done under IV sedation or general anesthesia. The method chosen usually depends on the extent of the procedure and the number of areas that are going to be contoured using the high definition total definer technique.

hi def vaser liposuction recovery and results

Discomfort is usually mild and easily controlled by medications, and resolves very quickly over the course of a few days. Most patients can be up and around walking comfortably without much assistance after a day or two, but may require some assistance in the first 24 to 48 hours.

Hi Def Liposuction does involve more extensive aftercare that traditional liposuction. In order to achieve these incredible total defining results, patients need to have a little more time for recovery, which is vital in achieving their optimal results. The best results are seen after two or three months. Aftercare includes a very dedicated use of specific body compression garments, as well as post-procedure ultrasound, lymphatic massage, the use of hyperbaric oxygen, and correct exercise and nutrition. All of these in combination are important in helping patients achieve optimal results after the procedure.

Most patients who are coming from out of town will be able to have this procedure done, and after approximately eight days of post-procedure recovery and post-procedure care will then be able to return home comfortably. Local patients can return home after one or two days of being in a post-operative care facility. An alternative is to have a nurse come to the residence and attend to the patient if they are not able to be alone for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure.

Results from Hi Def Lipo are natural-looking and result in a more youthful appearance. Many patients also experience a boost in self-esteem after their procedure.

Dr. Berger is a renowned cosmetic surgeon in the Beverly Hills area, and specializes in an array of body sculpting techniques, including Advanced Lipo, Hi Def Lipo, Smartlipo™, Body Jet™ Lipo, Vaser Lipo, Natural Breast Augmentation, Fat Transfer and more. Physicians and surgeons travel from around the world to learn these techniques from Dr. Berger himself. With more than 25 years of experience in the medical field, you can be sure that you are in good hands under the care of Dr. Berger. For more information about High Definition Liposuction, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Berger, contact us today at 310.856.9173.

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