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PRP Enriched Fat Transfer For Face & Body in Los Angeles, CA


At Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, we are always incorporating the newest and most advanced techniques in order to deliver the beautiful, natural-looking results you desire. Dr. Andre Berger is able to optimize the success of fat transfer procedures by using an advanced method that concentrates your natural plasma growth factors, using, platelet rich plasma (PRP). We take a patient’s blood and process it by using a special tube, which we spin (centrifuge) to separate the PRP and extract it. This is an added measure that can help achieve the best possible results, providing a more youthful appearance to your face, hands, breasts, or buttocks.

This page will discuss some of the benefits of PRP enriched fat transfer. The best way to truly understand this technique is to speak with Dr. Berger in person. Please call 310.856.9173 today to schedule a consultation at our Beverly Hills office.

Benefits of Using PRP with Your Fat Transfer Procedure

The growth factors (plasma) that are used in fat transfer procedures are taken from your own blood. The plasma is naturally occurring and regenerative.

PRP can provide an enhanced natural blood supply to the treatment area. This can ultimately help improve the quality, health, and appearance of your skin, leading to a better outcome than traditional fat transfer procedures. In addition, it can help ensure longer lasting results.

Your Fat Transfer Procedure

Dr. Berger removes the appropriate amount of excess fat from a donor area such as the abdomen, flanks or buttocks using advanced liposuction. The extracted fat is enriched with PRP and is then transferred to the recipient site by injection PRP enriched fat transfer can help you achieve exceptional results on a wide range of treatments, including:

Nano fat grafting is a refined technique designed to address fine lines, dark circles, and other age-related skin imperfections.

If you don’t have enough fat to transfer to another area there are options, such as Sculptra and Renuva.

Why Choose Rejuvalife Vitality Institute

Dr. Berger has always been on the cutting edge, adopting new techniques before many of his peers. He is one of the first doctors in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles to offer stem cell enhanced fat transfer, and he consistently achieves beautiful, natural looking, and long lasting results with this advanced technique.

Please contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute using the form at the right side of the page or call 310.856.9173 today to schedule a consultation.

Written by Dr. Andre Berger