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Fat Dissolve in Los Angeles, CA


A micro injection technique that dissolves localized fat deposits.

Rejuvalife Vitality Institute in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is committed to providing safe non-surgical alternatives rather than invasive cosmetic surgery. Fat Dissolve is an injection lipolysis technique designed to reduce or eliminate smaller, localized fat deposits. This innovative treatment causes no significant downtime or inconvenient side effects that are commonly associated with liposuction.

FDA Approved for Men & Women

During the Fat Dissolve procedure, multiple injections of FDA approved Deoxycholic Acid are delivered directly into the fatty tissue to dissolve the fat. Deoxychollc Acid is a natural solvent secreted by the liver to dissolve fat. Once the fat cells are broken down, the body eliminates it through the lymph system, naturally, over the course of several weeks.

Good Candidates for Fat Dissolve

Men and women at normal weight with areas of localized fat that has proven resistant to diet and exercise can be ideal candidates. Fatdissolve is particularly effective in treating the area under the chin, the jowls, the abdomen, love handles, back of the arms, thighs, saddlebags, knees, and wings (area on the back right beside the armpits).

Advantages of Fat Dissolve

  • An FDA approved safe, effective method for dissolving localized body fat
  • Fat Dissolve is an office injection procedure
  • Men & women of various ages & stages have Dr. Berger’s Fat Dissolve treatment
  • Treatment requires no anesthetic and little or no downtime
  • Patients often return to normal activities almost immediately
  • Multiple injections are done with a very small needle & little or no discomfort
  • Dissolved fat is eliminated by the body naturally over a few weeks time
  • Dr. Berger has specialized training and expertise in all injection treatments & he teaches his proven, unique techniques to other physicians worldwide
  • Our clients travel from around the world for treatments, because they trust Dr. Berger. His personalized plans produce beautiful, non-invasive results…naturally.
  • Dr. Berger will not use aggressive, traumatic methods.

Dramatically Change Your Health and Your Appearance

Call us to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY consultation at 310-276-4494. We’ll discuss life-changing solutions you can start using today – and you’ll personally experience the science of youthful aging!