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CO2 Laser in Los Angeles, CA


What is CO2 Laser?

CO2 laser therapy is used to reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and fine lines, or treat many other skin conditions. The CO2 laser skin resurfacing can restore your complexion to a healthier and more youthful state. This treatment can correct many skin issues, whether you are experiencing poor skin quality or have sun damaged skin, wrinkles, or scars.

Types of CO2 Laser treatments

There are different modes that can be used in performing CO2 laser therapy, such as ablative or micro-ablative modes. This is simply change in the intensity of the CO2 laser for full customization for the individual. Ablative laser treatments are used to remove the outermost layer of skin, for a more thorough treatment of wrinkles, scars or sun damage. This technique is also beneficial in restoring skin elasticity.

Micro-ablative laser therapy is a gentler approach that targets milder sun damage, large pores and imperfections of complexion. Our certified technicians will assess what kind of CO2 treatment would be appropriate for your cosmetic goals.

Benefits of CO2 Laser

There are many benefits of CO2 laser treatments, including:

  • Firmer, tighter skin
  • Reduced appearance of acne or other facial scars
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restoring sun damaged skin
  • Smaller pores
  • Long-lasting results

What Should I Expect Leading up to and During the Procedure?

The first step in undergoing CO2 laser therapy is to meet with our certified expert to discuss your goals and assess which procedure would be the most appropriate for your skin condition. It may be suggested that you avoid certain medications or supplements leading up to the procedure and a specific skin care regimen may also be advised.

The procedure itself generally takes about an hour, depending on the extent of work to be performed. Prior to the application of the laser, you may be given a local anesthetic or in some cases, general anesthesia depending on the intensity of the treatment. Afterwards, your skin will be treated with a soothing gel or other product and, if necessary, wrapped in a dressing or bandage.

What Should I Expect During the Recovery Period?

The recovery period can take up to two weeks on average. During this time, your face will appear pink or red. You will be advised to stay out of the sun and avoid strenuous exercise. Our physician will provide a full aftercare recovery plan with a specific skincare regimen to aid in achieving maximum results in skin rejuvenation.

How Much Does the Procedure Cost?

Every person has unique needs and skin condition qualities requiring treatment, so the cost is based upon what the individual needs to achieve facial rejuvenation. The average cost of CO2 laser treatments is in the range of $2500 to $3500. Another factor affecting price is whether you are receiving additional treatments with your CO2 laser treatment, such as PRP.

How Many CO2 Laser Treatments Will I Need?

This depends on the quality of your skin, and your own cosmetic goals. The intensity of the laser used on the first treatment will also be a determining factor. After the first treatment, your skin will be left to heal for a few months and then the full results of the original treatment will be assessed. At Rejuvalife, you can expect a custom skin rejuvenation treatment that produces results you can see and feel – fresh and new, free from blemishes, scars, and hyper pigmentation.

Written by Dr. Andre Berger