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Choose Rejuvalife for Your Thread Lift

Posted April 26, 2018 in Thread Lifts

When looking into having a thread lift in Beverly Hills, it’s important that you choose an experienced doctor who specializes in cosmetic medicine and has a proven track record. Although a thread lift is far less invasive than a surgical facelift, any procedure that augments your appearance, especially your face, warrants a trusted cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Andre Berger was one of the first to adopt this cutting-edge treatment and also passes his vast knowledge on the topic onto fellow colleagues as a trainer. The following are three reasons why Rejuvalife Vitality Institute is the best choice for your thread lift.

Thread Lift Experience

Dr. Andre Berger is an industry leader in non-surgical facelifts and has been performing thread lifts on his patients for over 13 years. His vast experience allows him to identify the ideal methods for each patient, in order to provide them with the best result possible. When you choose Rejuvalife for your procedure, you can feel confident that you’ll achieve the beautiful, natural-looking results you desire.

Thread Lift Reputation

Cosmetic surgeons travel from around the world to train with Dr. Berger in order to learn and master his innovative techniques and procedures. Because of this, he has rightfully earned the reputation of an innovator and educator of holistic cosmetic medicine using minimally invasive methods that provide drastic anti-aging improvement for patients.

Thread Lift Results

Although thread lifts are minimally invasive, thread lift procedures are incredibly intricate and require a skilled cosmetic surgeon. Time and again, patients are elated at the results they receive from having their thread lift at the Rejuvalife Vitality Institute. The results often mimic those of a surgical facelift due to the immediate and continuous results they provide. Dr. Berger’s results truly speak for themselves; which is why we encourage you to view our thread lift before and after gallery.

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