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Your Diet After Liposuction

Liposuction is a very popular procedure among patients that are looking for a more permanent body contouring solution. However, patients going through this procedure should note that while the results may be life changing it is very important that maintaining these results will rely on the adaptation of a healthy… Read More

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Refresh Your Look with Silhouette InstaLift!

If you are looking for a treatment with noticeable results and a short recovery, Silhouette Instalift is the perfect treatment for you. The Silhouette Instalift in Los Angeles is a minimally invasive procedure which lifts the deeper skin layer and takes away years from a tired-looking face. Dr. Berger uses… Read More

Category Silhouette Lift, Thread Lifts

Why Men are Choosing Rejuvalife?

Over the last several years the number of men looking to get cosmetic surgery has increased greatly. However, one of the biggest reasons men don’t think about aesthetic procedures and anti-aging medicine as much as women are because most practices don’t cater to men the way Rejuvalife Vitality Institute does.… Read More

Category Anti-Aging Medicine, Body Contouring, Low Testosterone (Low T) Therapy, Male Cosmetic Procedures, Male Menopause (Low Testosterone)

Increase Energy Without Coffee

By the time the afternoon rolls around, many of us are looking for a pick-me-up. A lot of us turn to another cup of coffee to help us get through the rest of the day, which can easily cause trouble falling asleep or a crash. Recently, there has been some… Read More

Category Lifestyle, Lifestyle Management

3 Ways to Feel Your Best this Summer

The beautiful weather is here and to enjoy this summer to its full potential, we need to feel our best. Feeling our best is easy when we take a little extra time for ourselves. For three ways to have the best summer yet, keep reading! Feel your Best this Summer… Read More

Category Lifestyle, Lifestyle Management