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Body Sculpting in Los Angeles

Posted May 08, 2018

Rejuvalife Vitality Institute is the greater Los Angeles area’s premier destination for all the industry’s latest body sculpting options. Dr. Andre Berger looks to offer his patients non-invasive, body-slimming and shaping solutions that help them to look and feel their best. Rejuvalife’s minimally invasive options have your busy lifestyle in mind, that’s why most of … Read More

Category Body Contouring, body sculpting los angeles, Liposculpture, Liposuction, Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Choose Rejuvalife for Your Thread Lift

Posted April 26, 2018

When looking into having a thread lift in Beverly Hills, it’s important that you choose an experienced doctor who specializes in cosmetic medicine and has a proven track record. Although a thread lift is far less invasive than a surgical facelift, any procedure that augments your appearance, especially your face, warrants a trusted cosmetic surgeon. … Read More

Category Thread Lifts

Why Should I Choose SmartLipo™?

Posted April 18, 2018

If you’re searching for a body contouring procedure that provides natural-looking results with an attention to detail, SmartLipo might be the treatment for you. SmartLipo provides a more precise treatment by using laser technology to melt the fat before it is suctioned out of the body using a cannula. Depending on your specific needs, you … Read More

Category Body Contouring, Liposuction, Smartlipo

Boost Your Facial Fat Transfer with Stem Cells

Posted April 09, 2018

Over the past few years, fat transfer has become a staple for minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. A facial fat transfer is longer lasting than other dermal fillers and is completely natural, making it more appealing to patients that prefer to avoid synthetic ingredients in their cosmetic treatments. Dr. Andre Berger is an innovator in the … Read More

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Adding PRP to Microneedling

Posted March 27, 2018

Microneedling and PRP therapy have gained a lot of popularity separately over the past few years; but have you tried them together? When the two are combined, their individual benefits are accelerated for twice the skin rejuvenation. The results? A younger, glowing complexion that is firm with an even texture. PRP & Microneedling Procedure Platelet-rich … Read More

Category Cosmetic Procedures, Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

What Does a Threadlift Do?

Posted March 13, 2018

A threadlift is a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedure that provides immediate results and does not involve any general anesthesia. The threadlift in Beverly Hills continues to grow in popularity due to its minimally invasive nature; and the ability for patients to recover quickly and return to regular activity, but what can threadlifts do? Threadlifts … Read More

Category Non Surgical Facelift, Non-Surgical Procedures, Silhouette Lift, Thread Lifts

Liposuction Choices in Beverly Hills

Posted February 26, 2018

At Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, our cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills offers an extensive liposuction service offering. We offer several different liposuction variations that each have their own specialized benefits to treat a variety of concerns. What Are My Liposuction Options? During your private consultation with Dr. Andre Berger, he will review each type of liposuction … Read More

Category Body Contouring, Liposuction

The Difference Between VASER® and SmartLipo™

Posted February 19, 2018

With all the different innovations with liposuction in Los Angeles and body contouring over the past several years, it can be hard to keep track of the different technologies available. Dr. Berger is well-versed in both types of liposuction and will work with you to choose the best one for you. VASER liposuction and SmartLipo … Read More

Category Body Contouring, Liposuction, Smartlipo

Managing Adrenal Fatigue with Hormone Therapy

Posted January 31, 2018

Beyond physical beauty, Rejuvalife Vitality Institute provides anti-aging treatment in Beverly Hills to help improve the day-to-day lives of our patients. Our lifestyle and wellness programs can help treat a variety of medical concerns that interfere with living a happy productive life. Patients come to us for our anti-aging and lifestyle treatment programs as their … Read More

Category Anti-Aging Medicine, hormone replacement therapy, Lifestyle Management