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Rejuvalife Not Affiliated with Skin Care Products

There are a variety of online sources and Facebook advertisements promoting a skin care line under the name “RejuvAlife” or other similar sounding names. We would like to clear the air and warn consumers to beware of this possible confusion. Rejuvalife & SkinCare Dr. Berger and his practice located in Beverly Hills, Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, … Read More

Our Favorite Instant Result Treatments

Here at Rejuvalife, we offer a wide variety of aesthetic treatments in Beverly Hills for the whole body. However, not all the treatments we offer have immediate results and often require a treatment series to see full results. If you have an event coming up soon or just want a quick confidence boost, Rejuvalife Vitality … Read More

Your Diet After Liposuction

Liposuction is a very popular procedure among patients that are looking for a more permanent body contouring solution. However, patients going through this procedure should note that while the results may be life changing it is very important that maintaining these results will rely on the adaptation of a healthy lifestyle. Before and after the … Read More

Refresh Your Look with Silhouette InstaLift!

If you are looking for a treatment with noticeable results and a short recovery, Silhouette Instalift is the perfect treatment for you. The Silhouette Instalift in Los Angeles is a minimally invasive procedure which lifts the deeper skin layer and takes away years from a tired-looking face. Dr. Berger uses advanced techniques to correct facial … Read More

Diet Tips for Youthful Skin

Cosmetic procedures in Beverly Hills, med spa treatments, and a good skincare routine can be very effective in maintaining youthful skin. However, if you want to take your anti-aging routine to the next level, enriching your diet with helpful proteins, vitamins and fats can help you better provide your skin with what it needs to … Read More

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