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Can Radiesse be Used to Rejuvenate® the Hands?

Radiesse® has long been used for facial rejuvenation and is among the most effective and lasting of the dermal fillers. Now, the FDA has approved Radiesse for the rejuvenation of the hands – allowing this remarkably effective product to produce smooth and youthful looking skin on one of the most difficult areas of the body … Read More

Liposuction for Weight Loss

Liposuction is designed to target stubborn pockets of fat in the abdomen, buttock, hips, and throughout the body. However, it is not a good method of weight loss. If you are not currently close to your ideal BMI, Beverly Hills liposuction surgeon Dr. Andre Berger will recommend you engage in weight loss prior to your … Read More

BOTOX® Cosmetic May Improve Skin Elasticity

A recent study conducted at the University of Ottawa in Canada has determined that BOTOX® Cosmetic may do more than provide temporary reduction of wrinkles – it may help restore skin elasticity and promote collagen production as well. The study was conducted on 48 female volunteers with an average age of 55. None of the … Read More