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Dr. Berger speaks at Europes Largest Medical Conference

On Saturday, April 5, 2014, Dr. Andre Berger participated in teaching fellow physicians and participants about stem cell therapy, “Reality vs. Snake Oil” in Monte Carlo. Dr. Berger who is recognized for his expertise in anti-aging medicine was sought out to speak about stem cell therapy, “Stem Cells & Longevity: Can we put a stop … Read More

Get Double the Results with a Fat Transfer Procedure

Imagine a cosmetic procedure that will create a slimmer, smoother look in one area of the body, while plumping and firming other areas. You will be getting double the effects—smooth and contouring, as well as pluming and firming. Fat transfer can do just that! Many people think that fat taken away during a liposuction or … Read More

Finding the Best Doctor for your Liposuction Procedure

When you’ve decided to get that slimmer, trimmer figure using a liposuction procedure, it is very important to find the very best cosmetic surgeon. You want to be sure that you will safely get the results that you want. While this is a very exciting time, looking forward to that smoother you, you should not … Read More