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Botox Procedure Visual Representation

Celebrities Who Have Admitted to Botox   Kylie Minogue Nicole Kidman Elizabeth Hurley Virginia Madsen Kim Kardashian Kim Cattrall Kourtney Thorne-Smith Cindy Crawford Hover Over Each Year to Learn More The History of Botox 1895 The bacterium Bacillius botulinum was identified by Prof. Emile Pierre van Ermengen in Belgium 1950 Researcher Vernon Brooks, Md discovered … Read More

More Americans Seeking Brazilian Butt Lifts

Currently, we are seeing a rise in the number of people undergoing buttock augmentation procedures, also known as Brazilian butt lifts. Why? The days of achieving an ultra-skinny figure has been replaced with the desire to have a fuller, more curvaceous look. This may be due to the popularity of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, … Read More