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Modern Options for Restoring Facial Volume

You’ve got a lot of options available when it comes to injectables these days. This great article from W Magazine showcases just a few of your possibilities.  Here at  Rejuvalife we have many options including Botox, Sculptra and Artefill. We can even do a procedure called fat transfer that takes fat cells from one area … Read More

Fighting Aging with Stem Cell Rejuvenation

Here at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute we know the anti-aging power of stem cells. We use them in several different treatments including our facial rejuvenation and natural breast augmentation. Researchers around the globe are also beginning to notice the amazing power possessed by stem cells. Harvard stem cell scientists recently discovered a protein in the blood … Read More

Avoid “Filler Fatigue” with Sculptra and Artefill

USA Today recently published an article about the costs of cosmetic surgery. The author offers five tips for making the most of your beauty budget. While the article offers some great tips for saving money, we’d like to offer one more tip: choose long lasting treatment options. Long lasting treatments save money in the long … Read More

The Skinny on Liposuction: It’s Not Just For the Ladies

It’s no secret that more and more men are taking an active role in maintaining a youthful appearance. One glance at the stats reveals as much. From ‘Botox’ to skin care to body contouring, the times are a-changing and frankly, we applaud this shift! Some speculate it’s a generational philosophy while others say it’s a … Read More