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Give Your Sex Life a Boost with a Los Angeles Breast Augmentation

Apart from increasing bust lines and self-esteem, it looks like breast enhancement surgeries are helping women in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills to be more satisfied with their sex lives post-procedure.  A 2012 poll done by, the largest and popular online community for learning and sharing experiences in cosmetic surgeries, revealed that women who … Read More

Be Cellulite-Free at the Rejuvalife Vitality Institute!

While cellulite is not a life-threatening condition in itself, the appearance of dimpled skin in your abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks is by turns unsightly and could make you self-conscious of your physical appearance. Dr. Andre Berger and his Beverly Hills team at the Rejuvalife Vitality Institute understand how you feel about cellulite, especially when … Read More

Dr. Berger’s 5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Health in 2013

The majority of us want to start the New Year with the best intentions, particularly when it comes to one’s health. Dr. Andre Berger and his staff at the Rejuvalife Vitality Institute believe that a Los Angeles lifestyle management plan should allow you to thrive with mental clarity, a zest for living, and a physically … Read More

Male Menopause: More Than Just a Myth

Did you know that menopause affects both Men and Women in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills?Much has been written about female menopause – from the signs and symptoms to look for to the most effective interventions on how to deal with it. The role of hormones has been highly associated with women and their health … Read More

Has Your Blood Sucked by Vampire Therapy for Younger Looking Skin!

It may sound bizarre but it’s true — you can have a portion of your blood sucked out from your system for as little as 20 minutes, have it separated into different components, and your platelets concentrated for a more rejuvenated appearance on your end. If you’re living within or near the Beverly Hills area, … Read More

Hormone Replacement Therapy Los Angeles

Hormone Replacement Therapy for women and men in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills has become one of the main treatment options for Dr. Berger at the Rejuvalife Vitality Institute. Dr. Berger sees many patients who are suffering with weight gain, general anxiety, irritation depression and a low-sex drive. Hormones manage the activity of cells in … Read More

Xeomin in Los Angeles is Gaining Popularity as Botox Alternative

Both cosmetic surgeons and clients were very pleased to find out when incobotulinumtoxin A, commonly known as Xeomin, was approved for cosmetic use by the FDA last July 2011 and is now back on the market. This wrinkle-filling product is joining the ranks of Botox and Dysport in temporarily reducing the appearance of moderate to … Read More

What Type of Liposuction is Best? Los Angeles Lipo

There are many doctors who perform Liposuction in Los Angeles and it seems like there are just as many ‘types’ of liposuction to choose from. Dr. Berger, a cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills is often asked, ‘how do I know which liposuction is best for me?” Most people looking for liposucition have tried the conventional … Read More

4 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Youthful Skin

As the largest organ in your body, your skin needs all the nourishment and care it needs. Yet, constant exposure to cigarette smoke, prolonged  sun exposure and highly processed foods may just actually increase the production of free radicals in your skin, leading to acceleration of the aging process. You will most likely end up … Read More

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