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The Ugly Truth about Holiday Weight Gain

Is this you after the holidays? Most people know that there is a propensity to gain weight around the holidays. What they may not know is that this holiday weight gain is largely responsible for the general yearly weight gain that occurs during much of life. Since being overweight puts a strain on the heart … Read More

How to Gobble the Deserts on Turkey Day and NOT Gain Weight

We all want to enjoy ourselves during Thanksgiving and part of enjoying ourselves means eating all those delicious foods. However, while it’s certainly easy to appreciate a giant feast, appreciating a giant waistline is another story. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you avoid putting on weight around Turkey Day while still … Read More

No More Turkey Neck Thanks to Smartlipo™

Fall is here and while the turkey is certainly symbolic of fall, it’s not something you want to see in the mirror every day. Excess fat under the chin (or “turkey neck” as it’s commonly referred to) is a common side effect of aging. This is because the skin in the neck is thinner than … Read More

Skincare Tip of the Week: Cosmelan Peel

As we get older, our skin can start to show signs of sun damage like dark spots, freckles, or other discoloration. Skin pigmentation can also become uneven due to a number of medical conditions like melasma. This type of discoloration can be frustrating, especially when over the counter treatments are often ineffective or irritating to … Read More

What Does Hollywood Know About Anti-Aging That You Dont?

Have you ever wondered why celebrities don’t seem to look or age like “real life” people? Is it because they have some aura? Or that they were just destined for fame? Well, contrary to popular belief, celebrities are people just like us. There’s nothing magical about them that makes them age differently than we do. … Read More

Are Sugary Drinks to Blame for Childhood Obesity?

Sugary drinks like this can result in weight gain. photo credit: Vietnam Plants & America plants via photopin cc A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that solving the childhood obesity epidemic may be as simple as replacing sugary drinks with water. In a two-trial study conducted by researchers at … Read More

Does Running Cause Sagging Skin?

There are numerous reasons to run. It’s a great way to get in shape, improve your immune system and lose weight. Many people enjoy running as a part of their daily routine. Running daily can result in skin sagging. photo credit: 666isMONEY ? ? & ? via photopin ccHowever, running also has it’s downsides. Doctors and plastic … Read More

Skin Care Tip Of The Week: Lay off the Facial Scrubs

Acne is caused when your pores become blocked due to the presence of oil. When the oil gets in your pores, bacteria begins to grow there. Your body detects the bacteria and in defense, attacks the bacteria, which results in inflammation. It is common for people with acne to want to scrub their skin or … Read More

Beauty from the Inside Out: Why You Need Cholesterol

These days it seems like it’s impossible to ignore all the hype about cholesterol, and how we desperately need to lower it, but did you know that your body actually needs cholesterol? Contrary to popular belief, high cholesterol is not some sort of epidemic that is sweeping its way across the country. The truth is … Read More