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Get the Best of Both Worlds With Natural Breast Augmentation

No more hiding behind that cover up.  Photo by Celeb Fashion   There is a new option that is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for breast enhancement – natural breast augmentation.  Learn what it is – and isn’t.  Most girls go through an awkward phase where they are dissatisfied or uncomfortable with their breasts, but … Read More

5 Common Misconceptions About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Is testosterone replacement therapy right for you? Hormones play a vital role in our lives and influence both mental and physical characteristics.  In men, testosterone is one of the key hormones that is essential for quality of life.  However as men age, the body becomes less able to supply adequate amounts of testosterone.  In addition, … Read More

7 Secrets To Younger Looking Skin

Have the skin you've always dreamed of…Photo by MyTudut. Having younger, tighter skin is very important to us especially as we grow older, and although there are many great procedures and surgical options that can help you look younger, there are a few natural ways to help your skin as well. So before becoming a … Read More

The 3 Causes of Male Menopause

Male menopause hits around the mid-life mark. Are you there yet? A common misconception is that men do not go through menopause as they age. While “menses” does refer to the female fertility cycle, men do experience hormone deficiency as they age , which is commonly referred to as “andropause.”  Although men do not experience … Read More

The Best Way to Banish Your Cellulite Blues

Cellulite is one of life’s pesky, little everyday occurrences and much to the dismay of most women, cellulites appearance is easily recognized by almost anyone and everyone. For as long as there’s been cellulite there’s been a cellulite “cure”. The mass of lotions, serums, butters, and creams that flood the beauty market are a tragic … Read More

Let the Sunshine in! 5 Benefits of Sun Exposure

Shedding some light on the benefits of sun exposure. Photo by Anna Borska. During the peak of summer, we are often reminded to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays, but just how dangerous are they? After all, life on Earth depends on the sun, so it must be there for more than just turning … Read More