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The Top Anti-Aging Studies of 2011

2011 was a good year for anti-aging news.  Diverse studies published this year suggest that it’s possible to retain your mental powers, muscle mass, speed and physique as you age.  It’s also looking like coffee, chocolate and yes, even beer, (all in moderation, of course) can be a part of your anti-aging regime. In the … Read More

Holiday Wellness

We often refer to this time of year as winter “break.”  But a break from our wellness isn’t what we intend.  Instead of looking and feeling our best over the holidays, we end up tired and stressed after all the “good cheer.”  Having a plan to handle the holidays will make it easier to navigate them … Read More

Finding the Motivation to Work Out

How many of you have started a new gym membership, went every other day the first couple weeks, then soon lost motivation and now you’re lucky to make it a few times a month. Finding your motivation is key to staying with an exercise plan, and making it a regular part of your anti-aging lifestyle. … Read More

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