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In Case You Missed the Talk on Testosterone

On Tuesday,  Dr. Berger hosted another episode on Blog Talk Radio, this time about Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  We had several very interesting questions from our callers, allowing Dr. Berger to address some important facts about importance of testosterone and how it diminishes from our bodies over time.  Learn more about how to prevent, reverse, and delay … Read More

Set Your Alarm Clock, Dr. Berger On FOX Morning News!

Dr. Andre Berger and Rejuvalife Vitality Institute Featured on FOX 11 Morning News!! Wednesday, May 18th at 6:00 AM on Channel 11 Watch as FOX 11 explores the hottest new treatment… Vampire Therapy!! A Treatment that vanishes wrinkles and adds definition to the face using your own blood! For more information about this groundbreaking treatment, Dr. Berger or … Read More

Dr.B’s Blog Talk Radio Segment on Testosterone

 LISTEN TO THE SHOW LIVE on Blog Talk Radio at 5pm PST by clicking HERE! Did you know testosterone is the most important male hormone, contributing to muscle mass, libido, energy, and more. The male body makes most testosterone in the testes, with peak production during adolescence and early adulthood. When men reach their 40s, … Read More

Boost Your Metabolism with Avocado

Avocado can aid in weight-loss if eaten in moderate amounts. While it is higher in calories—about 48 calories per ounce, avocados help fight obesity because they boost satiety. Satiety is the feeling of fullness that signals us to stop eating and thus helps us control our calorie intake.  You will also be delighted to hear that research suggests that exercise … Read More

Controlled by your cravings?

How often do you get a craving that you just can’t seem to get out of your mind until you indulge in it.  You know your body doesn’t need it, you’re not even hungry, but you just can’t kick the craving.  You may not be the only one. There is a new small study that … Read More

Dr.Bs Blog Talk Radio Segment on Natural Breast Augmentation

Women everywhere are looking for ways to augment their breasts, but many are put off by the invasive procedures of traditional cosmetic surgeries. Rejuvalife Institute in Beverly Hills, California offers alternative ways to shape, lift, and sculpt your breasts without any unnatural implants. With new, natural ways to achieve the look you want,without invasive surgery, … Read More

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