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Lashes with Benefits?

  It may surprise you to know that Latisse®, originally created to treat glaucoma patients but subsequently found to be a fabulous lash growth product, has some pretty impressive “side effects.” Made from a compound called Bimatoprost, a version of Latisse® for hair growth on the scalp is now being explored, as well as using … Read More

California Study: Are Kids Getting Fatter?

A new Kaiser Permanente survey shows that 7% of boys and 5% of girls are packing on the pounds here in California as early as grade school! According to the study leader, Corinna Koebnick, a nutritionist and research scientist for Kaiser in Pasadena, “A 10-year-old boy is supposed to weigh around 70 pounds, and an … Read More

Breast Augmentation without the Implants?

I’ve written about surgical fat transfer before. As in many cosmetic procedures, surgical fat transfer originated from a reconstructive procedure—primarily in breast reconstruction for mastectomy patients. It only makes sense that fat is a perfect filler. There’s absolutely no chance of an allergic reaction, as it comes from your own body. Plus, since it’s injected, … Read More

Fatty Acid Levels Contribute to Disease!

Albert Einstein College of Medicine performed an experiment with young,  healthy, weight-appropriate volunteers in hopes of identifying whether fatty acids in the bloodstream contribute to disease.  It’s long been thought that inflammation in cells contributes to heart disease. In fact, a specific blood test, called a CRP, can measure the level of inflammation and is … Read More

Everyday Toxins, Deadly Effects

Like most people, you probably don’t spend too much time worrying about your bromine intake from your car upholstery or the Mountain Dew you’re drinking. Bromine toxicity is a very dangerous, and often overlooked, threat to your health that can be found in some surprising sources. In an article by Dr. Thomas Marcola, he explains … Read More

Vitamin D and your Immune System

We all know that we need Vitamin D and that we can get it from the sun, as well as from fatty dish, fish liver oils and eggs, as well as in Vitamin D supplement form. Even so, nearly half the world’s population has low levels of vitamin D. What you might now know is … Read More

The 5-minute nose job

  Walk down any street in Beverly Hills and I promise that within 5 minutes you’ll pass at least 10 people who’ve had a nose job. Beverly Hills is one of America’s top cosmetic surgery cities and rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedures here. Unfortunately, a rhinoplasty is expensive, might involve numerous revisions, … Read More

Solutions for Acne and Chickenpox Scars

Anyone who’s suffered with scars as a reminder of teenage acne, chickenpox or measles, knows the  embarrassment those scars and pock marks have upon them as adults.  Facial pits are the pits but modern skin laser and filler treatments can help them disappear or, at the very least, fade.These kinds of scars can be filled … Read More

Are you blushing or is that rosacea?

As we age, we may notice a blush on the cheeks that might extend into the jawline and onto the nose as well. While we’d like to imagine this is nothing more than a healthy glow, the truth is it might be rosacea. Persistent red blotchiness, dry skin or bumpy, rough skin–perhaps even bumps that … Read More

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