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Obese children may be more likely to die prematurely.

On February 11th, the NY Times reported on a National Institutes of Health study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that tracked nearly 5,000 American Indian children in Arizona for 24 years, showing that overweight children are “more than twice as likely to die early from natural causes, such as alcoholic liver disease, … Read More

Pending Italian Breast Ban?

The Italian Parliament, concerned that 36% of Italy’s teenaged girls are displeased with their appearance, has proposed a ban on cosmetic breast implants for girls 18 and younger. The hope is that, by making it illegal to obtain breast implants before the age of 18, even with parental consent, the emphasis on physical perfection may … Read More

Move over Juvederm®!

There’s a new filler in town. It’s safe, proven to work, hypoallergenic, cost-effective and the results last from 6 months to a year.  It’s made from your own cells but it’s not fat and it’s not stem cells. Give up? Read on…Imagine (A) going to the doctor and (B) within 20-30 minutes the doctor has … Read More

Scientists discover new secrets of aging

Can we become younger? One of the biggest puzzles in biology – how and why living cells age – continues to be a subject of investigation and research. An international team based at Newcastle University in NE England, along with researchers at the University of Ulm in Germany, has added some new evidence to the … Read More

Body-Jet: Not Your Everyday Liposuction

Imagine a liposuction method that’s kinder on your body and one of the most potent methods to yield ready-to-inject fat for fat grafting into your hands, face, breasts, into wrinkles and acne scar depressions. It’s here and we know you want to know about it.As many of my readers know, liposuction was originally created back … Read More

6 Steps to Boosting Your Metabolism

As you know, some people are blessed with a fast metabolism and the ability to eat whatever they want without gaining an ounce. For others, dieting and weight loss aren’t as easy. There are a few diet tricks that can help you shed the pounds without crash dieting.Follow these six steps to kick your metabolism … Read More

Diabetes Medication May Decrease BMI in Obese Teens

The obesity rate among children has tripled since 1960, with 32% of US children considered overweight or obese, and many of them suffering the same weight-related problems as adults: diabetes mellitus type 2, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.  In the February issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, a report by Darrell M. Wilson, M.D., … Read More

Could Green Tea LED lights replace Botox??

German scientists claim that a combination of LED lights plus green tea extract cream will result in “less pronounced wrinkle levels, shorter wrinkle valleys, and juvenile complexion.” I don’t know about you, but having a more “juvenile complexion” sounds mighty good to me! It’s been known for over 40 years that light therapy will heal … Read More

Vitamin C for Skin Care, Cosmetics

Researchers at the University of Leicester Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology in Portugal have recently found a strong link between vitamin C and skin cancer.  In an earlier study, the Portuguese researchers had found that DNA repair is upregulated in people consuming vitamin C supplements.Their most recent study found that “vitamin C may improve wound healing … Read More