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Fat Transfer – it’s hot!

Whether placed in the face, hands, the buttocks or used instead of implants for breast augmentation, transferring your own fat from places you don’t want it, to places you do want it, our “state-of the-art” technologies and methods get you the results you are looking for at Rejuvalife. Fat transfer, often called fat transplantation, fat … Read More

The Benefits of Human Growth Hormone When Used Correctly

Human Growth Hormone, HGH, has alternatively received both beatings and boosts by the scientific and medical communities and the media. What is HGH? Who should take it?HGH supplementation was originally approved, and still used today, to help extremely small children attain a more normal adult height. Were it not for HGH, these children would be … Read More

Fish Oils May Slow Genetic Aging

Now there is more good news for all of you that are taking your Fish oil, and more good reason to if you are not. Happily, a recent study, supported by grants from the American Heart Association and the Bernard and Barbro Foundation, shows that omega-3 fatty acids may slow biological aging.Researcher Ramin Farzaneh-Far, MD, … Read More

More Chocolate Less Stress!

If you know me well,  you know that I’m pretty laid back and that I love good chocolate. Hmm…is there a relationship there?  Here is some great news about the anti-stress benefits of chocolate. And by the way, be sure to see our website information on how to manage stress! Doing so might be a … Read More

Cocommune A Rave Review!

Happy 2010 folks! I hope everybody had a great holiday and New Year celebration! It’s the first work week of the year and I’ve got something exciting to tell you all! This morning I checked into the office, just like any other day. Mail came in, FedEx dropped off some boxes, the usual. Well, one … Read More

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