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The Girl Loves to Grill!

Being the food nut that I am, when I read Dr. Berger’s blog about grilling red meat, my heart just dropped. This is definitely controversial (for me, at least) because we’ve heard for so many years that grilling especially is a healthier method of cooking rather than frying, for example. The problem with grilling and … Read More


…SO WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? Aren’t “real” men supposed to love red meat?  The media hypes it big time with rugged cowboys supposedly thriving on it, right? WRONG!  I hate to burst your bubble but red meat, processed meats and prostate cancer go hand in hand.  I’ve been following the studies and can confidently report to … Read More

Welcome RejuvaPhyl! The latest bio-injectable rejuvenator!

We’ve introduced a new procedure at Rejuvalife called Selphyl , and it is an injectable that’s derived from your own plasma, so there are no allergic reactions or adverse effects, like fillers made from artificial materials. What differentiates it from other fillers, is Selphyl actually causes your own collagen to regenerate, and your skin to … Read More

Tropical Smoothie Soy Yogurt

It has been a week since Thanksgiving and if you’re like me, you had enough turkey & cranberry sauce to last you until next year. And being the holiday season, there are more family gatherings and feasts ahead, which means more food, more calories and more pounds to put on – yikes! So, to keep … Read More

Welcome to Sho-Stopper Recipes!

Hello to our dear patients and readers! This is the first entry and beginning of our newest addition to the blog – The Sho-Stopper Recipes! My name is Sho, the latest member of Team Rejuvalife, and I will be updating you with healthy and nutritional tips & recipes that are no doubt good for you … Read More