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Ask Dr. Berger What is Fat Transfer?

I was explaining our new Body-Jet procedure to a patient last week, and how one of the great things about the Body-Jet Liposculpture procedure was the ability to use the Body-Jet to harvest fat in near perfect condition for use in Fat Transfer procedures. The patient asked me why she would need or want to … Read More

The Body-Jet is Here!

I talked recently about the newest procedure at Rejuvalife, and now that I’ve been performing the procedure for a few weeks, I’m even more excited that it’s available, and even more so that it’s here at Rejuvalife. Its safer, and more precise, with very little discomfort or downtime for the patient. It can be done … Read More

Chewing Gum Can Assist Weight Loss

Chewing gum has benefits, after all! Your mother or your teacher may have told you about the dire effects of chewing gum, “it’s bad for your teeth”, or “it’s an ugly habit”,  and it’s definitely no fun stepping on a piece someone’s dropped on the ground. Contrary to what they may have told you, however, … Read More

Economy Affecting Waistlines Along with Wallets

Unhealthy food choices are more common because of the recession. Everyone is feeling the effects of the economic recession. For many, value trumps health-conscious when it comes to food choices.  It’s sad, but true, that processed, frozen or “fast food” is less expensive than the healthier alternatives.  Whether you’re feeding yourself or an entire family, … Read More

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