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More from My Trip to China

I finally had a few moments to download some photos from my trip to China, though I have many, many more to come! I was invited to speak at two conferences for Chinese anti-aging physicians and to tour the facilities of my host, Dr. Tianyongchen. A very gracious host, Dr. Tian’s welcoming staff held a … Read More

FDA Cracking Down on Misleading Nutrition Labels

It’s great to be home! It’s been hectic since I got back, but I’ll report on my trip soon. I’ve posted a couple of photos on Facebook, in the meantime though. Great news today on the nutrition front – the FDA is going after manufacturers who label their food “healthy” when they are very clearly … Read More

The Wave of the Future in Liposculpture

Body-Jet Water Assisted Lipo offers extraordinary results with less bruising, swelling and discomfort and requires minimal downtime! I’m returning to the office this week after my extraordinary trip to China, (pictures coming soon!) and I’m very excited to get back to work because we’ve got an incredible, BRAND NEW liposculpture procedure available now at Rejuvalife, … Read More

Another Reason to Eat the Mediterranean Way Less Depression

China is an amazing country – I am looking forward to posting photos and news from my trip when I return in a few days. In the meantime, I read this article, and since we’ve talked about this type of diet and the many benefits derived from keeping your soup clean, I thought I should … Read More

Traveling in China This Week

The Great Wall of China – I hope to see this in person, too! The Forbidden City – I’ll be site seeing here during my trip I’ll be sure to post some photos when I return, but my posts will be scarce this week because I’m in China presenting a lecture at an anti-aging conference.  … Read More

Sculptra Not Just Another Dermal Filler

You may have heard that the injectable dermal filler Sculptra has been approved for aesthetic use by the FDA. This is great news, of course, but I think it’s important to talk about exactly what Sculptra does, and point out the differences between Sculptra and other dermal fillers such as Perlane, and Restylane. I discuss … Read More

Dysport Goes After Botox, Head-On

In the U.S., Botox has been King-of-the-Hill for fighting facial lines and wrinkles for 20 years. A new contender, used successfully for years in Europe,  looks like it’s about to give Botox a run for its money! Called Dysport (pronounced “diss-port”) this slightly different formulation of botulinum toxin type A was recently approved by the … Read More