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Dr. Berger did a wonderful job

Everything went very smoothly. Dr. Berger did a wonderful job and I would recommend him and come back to him in the future.

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Testimonial 103

It was a very pleasant experience and I would recommend Dr. Berger.

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Joyce K.

Testimonial 102

The results are amazing if you follow the program Dr. Berger gives you.

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Al K.

Testimonial 101

Very pleasant.

Testimonial 100

Dr. Berger is a great doctor, considerate and understanding, who listens to his patients.

Testimonial 99

Everything was great. Very nice people, staff and doctor included.

Testimonial 98

A great environment and friendly staff.

Testimonial 97

Very welcoming atmosphere, feels like home.

Very welcoming atmosphere, feels like home :). The office manager explained everything about the procedures that I was looking for and answered all my questions. Dr. Berger was very nice as well. I originally had a different idea of what I wanted to do, but Dr. Berger was very honest with me and told me that I did not really need what I was asking for and my procedure would be much easier than what I expected. It was nice to know that I had other options, which I did prefer over what I was planning :). Overall, I would definitely recommend this office for anyone that wants to improve their body

Testimonial 95

Dr. Berger and his staff are very professional and attentive. Dr. Berger is excellent!

Testimonial 94

His approach to treatment is conservative, well thought out and effective.

Dr.B doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but tells you what you need to hear to effectively deal with your medical issues. Astoundingly, the consultations are not just a few minutes long with him then rushing off to see the next patient. He is through and takes all the time you need to deal with your concerns. His approach to treatment is conservative, well thought out and effective. The staff is friendly, efficient, helpful, and caring.

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Maria C.V.

Testimonial 92

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